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The next United States presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election and is scheduled to take place on November 5, 2024. The winner of the 2024 election will be inaugurated on January 20, 2025. Will Joe Biden be re-elected for a second term, or will someone swoop in and take his place? We will have to wait and see…

2024 Election Odds

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The 2020 presidential election was an eventful one to say the least. It was Joe Biden (Democratic) vs Donald Trump (Republican), with Biden going on to win the vote. Biden received more than 81 million votes, the most ever for a candidate in the US election.

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How To Bet On The 2024 US Presidential Election

If you are looking to learn how to bet on the 2024 presidential election, then you have come to the right place. Follow these simple steps and you can begin betting in no time:

  1. Firstly, you will need a Bovada account. If you don’t have one, create one here.
  2. Once you are signed up, head on over to Bovada’s politics betting markets.
  3. Select the bet you wish to place.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to wager and click ‘Place Bet’.

That’s all you need to do to bet on the upcoming election! Now, all you need to do is wait for the votes and results to come in. Whilst you wait, why not check out Bovada Casino! There’s plenty of casino games to play, meaning there’s plenty ways for you to win real money.

US Presidential Election 2024 Odds

This is by far the most popular bet when it comes to the US election; who will win the 2024 presidential election? Simply choose who you think will be voted for as the next president of the United States and place your bet. Currently, there are many selections that you can choose to bet on:

  • Donald Trump Sr.
  • Joe Biden
  • Ron DeSantis
  • Kamala Harris
  • Mike Pence
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Kanye West
  • The Iron Sheik
  • Plus many more…

Latest Odds

View the latest 2024 president betting odds!

As you might expect, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the current top two favorites to win the 2024 election. However, as we draw nearer the day of the election anything could be happen and the odds are sure to change… so, be sure to head on over to keep checking back for the latest 2024 presidential election odds.